Divider for fermented dough TXA-AUT-ROLL

Divider for fermented dough TXA-AUT-ROLL
Longitudinal cut
Adjustable laminate-spread multiroller system
  • Machine designed to produce high hydrated bread (70-90% water).
  • Due to its special process: tough flour, important resting time, less damage when cutting, etc., permits to produce high quality bread and several shapes.
  • The TXA-AUT-ROLL has a “multiroller” which laminates and extends the dough, which has been already unloaded to the belt and gives 40-60% extra length to the dough.
  • The longitudinal cut process, separation of the pieces through bands, guillotine section…, (transversal cut) and loading of the product into board or tray (flat or corrugated), is carried out automaticallyz.
  • Types of bread: the classic Ciabatta in all its shapes: basto, baguette, rustic, rustic with pointed ends, minis, etc.


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