Zelaieta - Bakery machines

Founded in 1981, our experience in the sector allows us to develop the most appropriate machines to help the professional baker with the production of high quality bread, facilitating and respecting the necesary processes.

Access to different markets worldwide has allowed us to know and adapt to different concepts, processes and components in our sector.

We try to innovate and improve constantly. In Zelaieta we are a young, demanding team and we like to improve ourselves.

If we add to all this our passion for the aroma and taste of good bread, it is easy to devote dedication, time and enthusiasm to our work.

In Zelaieta you will find the support that every professional baker needs: Reliability, commitment, advice and service by a group of professionals.

Thanks for trusting us!

We are in

Barrio Zalaín, 19
31780 BERA, Navarra

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+34 948 631 004